Greg K Pillow

Greg K Pillow

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Atlanta Falcon football 

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Greg K Pillow graduated from the Nashville School of Law with a doctor of jurisprudence. Since 2009, he has worked as a paralegal for the Brinky Law Firm. Subsequent to this position, Greg K Pillow became a staff member for the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons. In his position with the team, he advises management on various aspects of negotiation, utilizing his legal experience and sports management insight. Over the course of his career, he has established a reputation of professional dedication and exceptional community service. In addition to his charity work carried out in the name of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, he interacts with groups such as Save Our Children and the Goodwill organization in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Pillow has also served as the director for the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Outside of his professional commitments and his local charity work, he enjoys fishing and listening to live jazz.


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