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Greenwoods Pharmacy offers a range of products for your pharmaceutical needs. We also offer a wide selection of travel items, cosmetics, appliances, and other complimentary healthcare services to provide high levels of customer satisfaction. We strive to provide a convenient shopping experience for customers.

Our London pharmacy is home to qualified pharmacists who can provide sound advice on different products based on the specific instructions and prescriptions of your doctor. We also offer free in-store medical checks to help you find items with less trouble. Whether you're looking for vitamins and supplements or preventive and other curative products, we'll provide the information on the specific item you need.

We set the standards for holistic healthcare solutions. We aim to keep products at their best for the benefit and satisfaction of every customer who visits our pharmacy in Wood Green. We've also taken extra steps to deliver high quality service by maintaining a well-positioned and efficiently managed pharmacy.

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Customers will always be a priority, so we go beyond standards to provide reliable and professional assistance. Call or send us a message, and our team will address any concern immediately.


About the company

We provide prescription medicines and it is our aim to help serve your pharmaceutical needs through expert advice. Our qualified pharmacists are on hand to offer helpful advice. With our prescription collection service we do our best to deliver the highest quality of services.

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(020) 8888-1605


17 The Broadway, Wood Green, London N22 6DS
United Kingdom