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Grant Hinkle


Professional Poker Player


United States

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About Grant Hinkle

Grant Hinkle is a professional poker player, was born on June 7th, 1980 in Topeka, KS and currently living in Kansas City with his wife. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a business degree and currently is specializing in high tech. He has a brother, who is a poker player too - Blair Hinkle.

Grant regularly plays with a few friends in Kansas and most of his home poker games include buy-ins of about $40 or $50. His poker nickname is “Grant Master Flash”. His best achievement was in the Event #2 of the 2008 World Series of Poker where he took the victory against 3,929 players and sat proudly at the top of the leader table. From this tournament he won $831,462 in prize money for the first place. This was his second entry in a WSOP event but the first time he made it to a final table. When he turns back to that time he said: “I'm sure everybody thought I was a tight player that didn't have a lot of experience. So I made sure to use that to my advantage”.

And from that event Grant Hinkle is planning to invest $10,000 of his winnings in the WSOP finals that are to be played in July and televised later in 2008. He is ranked 277th in the series’ all time Power Ranking. Grant Hinkle thinks that he is a lucky man, because his biggest dream might actually come true. Thanks to his victory he received bragging rights and his name seems to be a name to remember for the future.

Thanks to his brother Blair Hinkle, Grant Hinkle received some good advice that came in hand for tournaments and achieved his skills in poker. Earlier this year in the Los Angeles Poker Classic Blair Hinkle finished 11th and brought home $62,000. In the WSOP main event last year Blair finished 520th which was a good result in his opinion.
As a rich man Grant Hinkle has no plans for the future. He is bifurcated between his job and poker. “I have to talk to my wife and family and make that decision”.

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