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Gordon Landwirth

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Gordon Landwirth - Professional Summary:     
Gordon Landwirth has extensive experience growing top & bottom lines as a marketing strategy consultant and marketing manager.
Gordon Landwirth - Professional Experience:   
As Principal of The Growth Strategies Group, Gordon Landwirth has helped clients grow profitably in a numerous, diverse product and service categories, serving consumer and B2B markets. Clients have been of all sizes and stages of development. Results have been consistent: substantial, profitable growth, and development of client capabilities and sustainable competitive advantages.
Gordon Landwirth also has extensive experience in marketing management, including consumer products and B2B markets, working with small businesses and billion-dollar companies.
Gordon Landwirth - Education:     
MBA, Kellogg School of Management. Majors in marketing and international business.
BS, Business Administration, University of Connecticut. Major in Marketing. 
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About the company

The Growth Strategies Group (GSG) is a New York-based marketing strategy consulting firm. Gordon Landwirth, Principal of GSG, has worked with businesses across numerous industries and product / service categories to achieve profitable growth, as both a marketing strategy consulting and marketing manager.

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