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Gerald Van Yerxa


Internet Marketing, Mentoring & Coaching Center

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Provides month-to-month subscription based education program on how to market or advertise online for $99.97 per month. Offers voluntary participation in our online affiliate Program. Member students get access to over 1,100 hours of archived training videos create by the company in a private back office. Positioning statement: "Why Pay Thousands of Dollars to Learn Online Marketing When You Can Learn It All From Us For Just $99.97 Per Month!" We are a global Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center.  Our membership includes private access to a back office that contains over 1100 video trainings on all onlline marketing methods + some powerful offline methods that businesses, home businesses, MLM people, etc can use to drive traffic online.

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2736 Thompson Drive Suite C,Kamloops,BC, V2C 4L6