George Hasenberg

George Hasenberg

George Hasenberg – Business Consultant and Negotiator


About Me

A natural problem-solver, George Hasenberg has built a career out of finding solutions to new challenges and negotiating disputes between businesses. He first demonstrated this aptitude when he opened an aftermarket automotive products distributorship and realized that the computer software in use could not meet all of his needs, which included tracking specialized inventories and accounting functions. Although software development and personal computers were still in their infancy, George Hasenberg taught himself programming and wrote his own software. He then turned that accomplishment into another business, HBS Computers, which developed user interface software before it became standard on personal computers.

As HBS Computers grew, George Hasenberg began designing software for individual businesses to solve their unique problems. These issues related to billing, accounting, point of sale, inventory management, and systems control. As Mr. Hasenberg became adept at solving businesses’ specific problems, many of his clients began seeking his advice on other matters at their companies. In this way, Mr. Hasenberg transitioned naturally from being an entrepreneurial problem-solver to being a business consultant. He has also become a skilled negotiator, representing businesses to insurance companies, the Internal Revenue Service, and other businesses, as well as successfully renegotiating contracts and settling multimillion-dollar lawsuits.

Businesses that George Hasenberg has assisted include doctors’ offices, dry cleaners, nonprofit organizations, and many others. He has also begun providing his consulting services to individuals, negotiating on their behalf to settle credit card debt and utility company disputes, consult on real estate transactions, auto leases, and purchases, and perform other services.


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