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Exciting Squirting Pussy – Know it all

654123, India

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When fluid discharge takes place from the vagina upon being sexually aroused or when a woman reaches a vaginal (G-Spot) orgasm, the condition is popularly known as a squirting pussy. The amount of fluid gushing out depends on the level of sexual excitement and also varies from woman to woman. Some women squirt like a waterfall and some women squirt relatively less. Nevertheless, all women love it like hell!
The concept is very closely linked to the elusive G-Spot. It is believed that a G-Spot orgasm is most likely to make a woman squirt. It is sad that many women have yet not discovered their G-Spots, leave alone getting an orgasm through it. These women surely are missing something they ideally should experience. It’s the most divine feeling a woman could get.

Also known as female ejaculation, squirting pussy is a highly debatable subject. Different people hold different views about pussy squirting. Some people believe that the fluid coming out of the body of the woman during sexual intercourse is just urine. While some others say that it is a different fluid altogether, although alkaline in nature.

Despite the various theories and researches over the squirting pussy, the main point remains the same- that it is very, very pleasurable! Be it on the sight of something erotic, or on reaching a vaginal orgasm, squirting pussy in itself is an indication of intense feminine pleasure. We love it when our pussies squirt.

A squirting pussy is at times also an indication of the fact that a woman is absolutely ready for sex and can be bumped hard with the male parts. The lubrication provided by a squirting pussy is way better that any of the artificial lubricants available in the market.

So, men, make women squirt. They love it!



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