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Garey Lee Weber

California Foot and Ankle Institute, A Podiatry Co

92612, United States

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Garey Lee Weber - Professional Summary:


Over the course of his 40-year career, Dr. Garey Lee Weber has opened numerous podiatry offices, among them the California Foot and Ankle Institute, A Podiatry Corporation, where he practices today. He founded the institute’s current offices in Irvine and Victorville, California, in 2005. Dr. Garey Lee Weber has a favorite saying: “While someone is saying it can't be done, someone else is doing it.”

Dr. Garey Lee Weber has developed a technique called Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS) to correct bunions in an outpatient ambulatory surgical center. the procedures are done with a local anesthetic and light sedation. Dr. Weber makes several small openings in the skin and utilizes an instrument called a fluoroscope to assist in performing the surgery. In this manner, pain is usually kept to a minimum, there are no pins or screws used, a few stitches are required and the patient can walk after the procedure is completed. Dr. Weber's patients usually return to work within a few days and hospitalization is not necessary. Many doctors state they do minimally invasive surgery but that are using very large incisions that lead to more swelling, pain and scarring of tissue after their procedures for the bunions. Other doctors commonly put in screws or pins for fixation. Dr. Weber does not use pins or screws. Additionally, the use of pins or screws in many cases necessitates another procedure to remove them.

Innovative, minimal incision surgery has many benefits: small incisions to keep natural stability and reduce the likelihood of a visible scar, minimal dissolving sutures are placed to provide stability, and recovery is frequently quick and usually with minimal discomfort. The technique avoids unnecessary damage to vital structures, such as nerves, tendons, and vascular structures.

Traditional, old-style, open bunion surgery usually involves large incisions that open up the foot, adding to recovery time and to the potential for an unsightly scar. It leaves behind plates, screws, wires, and other hardware and recovery can be prolonged and painful, with greater risks. The procedure also exposes many vital structures to potential damage.

By using the newest and latest technology, Dr. Garey Lee Weber ensures that his patients have the most comfortable and rapid recovery possible. As a result, many of his patients are able to return to work within a few days.


Garey Lee Weber - Work Experience:


1989 - Present


California Foot and Ankle Institute, A Podiatry Corporation


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