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Never take anything at face value in existence. Being a games journalist is one with the most fun and varied jobs I have ever had, make no mistake, but the fact with the matter is that it's also a challenging job for which a great a lot of men and women are not suited. A games journalist is somebody who reviews video games 1st, reports about the games industry second and writes the odd learned article about the nature of life, the universe and game design third. The major purpose of a games journalist in life is, whenever you boil it all down, to tell individuals what games they ought to buy and play and why.


I am a respected video games journalist working today. My work spans on-line, print and TV outlets, and I have been writing about games since the year 1992. I was also a freelance writer in which my work has appeared in Business 2.0, Electronic Gaming Monthly and Entertainment Weekly, among others. I am also well known for not just writing games news, reviews and previews, but going behind the scenes of the game industry for in-depth business profiles and lengthy feature pieces.

On a day-to-day basis a games journalist will play games, either preview or review; write articles about game cheats; deal with PR persons (the marketing counterparts with whom journalists will most regularly dance); formulate article ideas with peers; keep up on the sector news; write the market news; meet demanding deadlines; and perform a score of other mundane administrative tasks besides. Additional infrequently a games journalist will attend conferences and expo's; go to with game developers, sometime traveling the globe to do so; and normally move about to experience the industry from the road.



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