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Galapagos Charter School    

Galapagos Charter School

Dedicated to Increasing the
Academic Achievement of All Scholars 

3814 W Iowa St, Chicago, Illinois, 60651, United States

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About Galapagos Charter School

Providing students with a superior education, Galapagos Charter School has the freedom opportunity to design a curriculum that differs from that of other public schools in Chicago and Rockford, Illinois. Galapagos Charter School uses that flexibility to develop teaching methods that focuses on each student’s individual educational needs.

At Galapagos Charter School, students have access to large classroom libraries. There is also an ample bookroom to help support the school’s reading program, CAFE, an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary. CAFE puts students together based on their educational needs so that they receive specific instruction on the skills they need to develop.

Galapagos Charter School’s science program focuses on teaching students through hands-on experiences. The program uses lab-based lessons to teach students the fundamental principles of science. Galapagos Charter School’s social studies program focuses on incorporating literature and writing as the primary components of lessons. The curriculum aims to improve students’ ability to think critically and analyze past and present events.

Additionally, Galapagos Charter School teaches Spanish to all grades beginning in kindergarten. Galapagos Charter School believes that the best time for children to learn a foreign language is when they are in elementary school. As such, the school’s program focuses on helping students to develop conversational skills in Spanish while also focusing on reading and writing. Galapagos Charter School understands the pressures that young students can feel when learning a new language. As a result, the school works hard to create an anxiety-free classroom environment that allows students to develop a comfortable connection to the language.

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