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Friendly Aquaponics


PO Box 1196, Honokaa, Hawaii, 96727, United States

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Having been in business for almost five years, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. has been creating innumerable inroads in truly sustainable organic farming. Conceived out of a sincere desire to help the whole world eventually become self-sustainable for years to come, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. has been strongly led by the husband-and-wife team of Tim Mann and Susanne Friend. After undergoing the Short Course in Aquaponics at the University of the Virgin Islands in 2007, Tim Mann was ready to apply the best aquaponics technology available at that time by establishing Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. With a fully sustainable farm that grows fish and vegetables in innovative re-circulating systems, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. runs with a relatively small footprint by conserving water and energy while being designed to produce a maximum amount of food. At Friendly Aquaponics, Inc., talented Susanne juggles multiple tasks: she operates the farm; capably manages the full-time farm interns; and carries out administrative tasks. In October 2008, the expertise in aquaponics of the hardworking husband-and-wife team was shared via a groundbreaking endeavor, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc.’s very first “Commercial Aquaponics Training”. Designed to share everything that Susanne and Tim had learned about establishing a widely successful aquaponics venture, the Friendly Aquaponics course has been given four more times since. Having trained over 650 people from all over the continental US and other foreign countries on the commercial level, Susanne and Tim have also been able to encourage a greater number of people to grow their own food by way of Friendly Aquaponics, Inc.’s DIY packages authored by the talented couple.


In search of a better way to feed the world and resolve hunger crises all over the planet, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. was established by the selfless husband-and-wife team of Susanne Friend and Tim Mann. Finding that a complete change of perspectives was an ultimately better option, Susanne and Tim put up Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. after Tim had undergone the Short Course in Aquaponics given at the University of the Virgin Islands in 2007. Starting from a genuine desire to apply what Tim had learned, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. was established with a highly-sustainable farm that could produce lots of vegetables and fish and leave a very small footprint. This was ensured by way of conserving water and energy in Friendly Aquaponics, Inc’s day-to-day operations. After its first Commercial Aquaponics Training course given in October 2008, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. has conducted four more such courses since, with a total of 650 people trained thus far. With over 1100 DIY informational packages sold all over the country and the world, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. has been able to encourage a greater number of people pursue reliable and relevant aquaponics technology geared towards growing organic, contaminant-free fresh food on the commercial level. Currently training seven interns who have come for a two-month-long hands-on learning experience, Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. has allowed such trainees to actually work full time on the farm with the company founders. This hands-on experience ensures that those who undergo the intensive Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. 2-month training will truly learn all aspects of running a successful commercial aquaponics farm.

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