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FreshDirect is a leading online grocery shopping service offering grocery delivery in Philadelphia, as well as other areas of Pennsylvania and Delaware. We focus on delivering premium quality fresh-from-the-farm food and brand-name groceries to customers' doors. You'll benefit from our unique relationships with farmers from around the world, including many that are local to the Philadelphia region.

In addition to fresh food and grocery delivery, FreshDirect offers meal delivery, catering, and bulk-sized items. Our team of FreshDirect chefs innovates to create the more than one thousand unique meals and baked goods produced in-house daily to bring our customers delicious time-saving options.

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FreshDirect is an online grocer with a focus on fresh ingredients and quality food. We deliver fresh, local produce, your favorite brands, chef-made meals, and more directly to your door in Philadelphia! Order today for delivery tomorrow.

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4235 Richmond Street, Philadelphia, PA 19137
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