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Freix Raser


United Kingdom

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Farming Lavender Essential Oil in the the Uk




It takes a lot of hard work to manage a successful farm, so much so that farming is thought of as one of the most difficult industry for workers. Farmers work hard with one definite goal in mind. Many farmers' crops depend heavily on the season's weather; a lot of hard work can go to waste if the weather is bad. It's a very sad outcome to watch hard work turn out to be worthless because of something outside your control. Livestock farmers who sell their animals for meat work hard to keep their pigs, cows, and lambs healthy and fat so that they will earn a high price. A lot of young people in the UK do not want anything to do with a life of arable or livestock farming since it demands lots of effort with little income.




For people who want to work in the countryside, however, alternative farming types are a good idea. Lavender essential oil gets a good price thanks to its high demand in the current market, so a lot of farmers are adding lavender to their regular cycle of crops. Lavender Essential Oil is the main by product and can command a high price if it is of good quality. Again, however, you have the same problem as with other types of farming. The summer harvest still depends heavily on the unpredictability of the weather and demands a lot of hard work beforehand. Earning an income as a farmer inherently comes with this risk.




If you have had a good crop of lavender during the year then your lavender essential oil can be made into all sorts of goodies including shampoo and soaps etc. There are countless other beauty products that you can produce. Alone the oil is also a great treatment for anything from head lice to insomnia. The main farming region for lavender is in Provence where hundreds and hundreds of acres are grown commercially for the international beauty market. The hot and dry climate found in certain parts of Australia, specifically Tasmania and New South Wales, make it a fantastic place for lavender farming too.




Commercial lavender farming is not common in the UK. It is instead grown as more of an attraction where people can come and visit and see the lavender in full bloom. Hence this is where these 'attractions' will make some money, selling products like the lavender essential oil direct to the paying public instead of selling to the large beauty companies. If arable and livestock farming are not your ideal options, you have alternatives including lavender farming. You can also get involved in grape farming, called viticulture; global warming seems to have had an unexpected benefit in southwest England where a warmer climate has produced wonderful grape harvests the likes of which had only previously been seen in France.

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