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Frederic Castiglia



About Me

Are you wanting to create greater intimacy,
ecstasy & joy in your relationship?

Would you like to take a magical journey
to reconnect soul-to-soul with you partner?

Would you like to take your relationship to
a whole new level of awareness, reverence
& loving communion?

Yes! Yes! Yes! (To quote Meg Ryan in Harry Met Sally)
So how do we create that when we're flat chat with the
responsibilities of work, family, friends and household
chores and don't know where to start?

That's why I created a Sacred Union
Online Couples Course for you!

Imagine getting a monthly hamper with fun ways to:

-reconnect soul to soul
- fall in love all over again
-explore deeper trust and intimacy
-have awesome date nights on a budget
-resolve tensions and conflicts efficiently, restoring mutual respect
-honor your partner as your greatest teacher
-understand the effect the natural cycles have on your relationship and embrace them!

this course is
ideal for you if...
✓ you are engaged, so you can create a solid and loving foundation
✓ you have young children, so need time to nurture your partnership
✓ you want to reawaken your connection and passion
✓ or you want to start a Tantric practice together

Benefits you will gain...
-Insight into yourself and each other
-Increased compassion for yourself & your partner
-Ways to avoid polarizing & creating power struggles
-Tools to recognize triggers & respond in a way that restores harmony
-Deep reverence & respect for each other
-The ability to use your differences to work as a creative team
-Tips to enhance loving communication
-Practices to experience deep communion
-Creative inspiration to experience multi-orgasmic ecstasy and joy!

Sacred Union Course Start Dates

September 21, 2014
(Autumn Equinox. Northern Hemisphere Participants)

March 21, 2015
(Autumn Equinox. Southern Hemisphere Participants)


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