Francisco Remolino

Francisco Remolino

Senior Manager 

Albert Gelman Inc.  

About Me

Francisco Remolino, CIRP, is a Senior Manager at Albert Gelman Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. Albert Gelman Inc. is a leading Ontario debt solutions and licensed trustee in bankruptcy firm offering consumer proposals, debt settlements, and bankruptcy protection.

As a Senior Manager at Albert Gelman Inc., Francisco Remolino assists individuals experiencing financial difficulties as well as small to medium size businesses, exploring the options available in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Whether assisting with bankruptcies or proposals, Francisco Remolino has had great success assisting many debtors, both individual and corporate.

In November, 2013, Mr. Remolino completed the CIRP Qualification Program, becoming a Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional. He will be sitting the oral board in Spring, 2014 to obtain his license as a Trustee in Bankruptcy. As well, Mr. Remolino has written several articles about insolvency matters in various Spanish magazines. He currently hosts a weekly radio show where he addresses financial problems and solutions.

Albert Gelman Inc.
100 Simcoe St #125
Toronto, ON M5H 3G2
(416) 504-1650

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+1 (416) 504-1650


100 Simcoe St #125, Toronto, ON M5H 3G2