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Flowcastings is a German manufacturing concern focused on efficiency and performance in the global commercial and military aircraft engine industry. Headquartered in Trebur, Germany, outside of Frankfurt, Flowcastings partners with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of aircraft engines around the world to enable and accelerate their targeted advances in airfoil design, and to offer them unrivalled customer service and responsiveness in meeting rapid delivery times at competitive cost.

Founded in October 2011, Flowcastings already is making its mark as an innovative manufacturer of parts for aircraft engines. Flowcastings opened a new 3,000 square meter manufacturing facility in early 2012 that focuses exclusively on the vacuum casting of single crystal (SC) and directionally solidified (DS) components using super alloys. Flowcastings' products are used in the high- and low-pressure turbine sections of commercial and military for aircraft engines.

In October 2013, Flowcastings was awarded the EN 9100 aviation quality standard certification for its Quality Management System. The certification signifies that Flowcastings meets uniform, world-wide quality assurance standards with respect to design processes, development and production capacities, and installation and servicing capabilities. EN 9100 certification is the quality assurance standard required by OEMs in the aerospace industry. 


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