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  Based out of Firminy, France, Firminy Capital Sarl is a securitization firm that was founded and registered in order to manage the Firminy Equity Fund and other Luxembourg Securitization Funds according to the needs of the shareholders. In monitoring current market conditions, Firminy Capital Sarl works with successful financial institutions to adopt the best private placement to ensure the satisfaction of the fund’s clients.Under the law of March 22, 2004, a legal framework allows for the creation of Securitization Vehicles (SVs). SVs allow contractual debt obligations to be pooled and sold as bonds and other forms of debt obligations to investors. By virtue of the Securitization Law, individuals and companies are allowed to place a certain amount of their assets with the Firminy Equity Fund, where it will be managed by Firminy Capital Sarl. In doing so, individuals and businesses are able to negate some of the risk inherent to ho

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