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How To Make Wax Paper Bags

Since plastic is banned in many countries throughout the globe, many people opt in making use of Paper Bags when going to supermarkets, grocery stores, when shopping, and so on. Brown paper bags, cardboard paper-made bags, as well as custom paper bags are among the commonly used kinds of paper-made bags in order to do all these things. However, some individuals find them boring because of their plain colors which explains why they have made lots of decorative and colorful paper-made bags for different uses.

One of the kinds of Paper Bags created are called wax paper bags. These kinds of paper-made bags are an affordable option in order to safely contain and protect food as well as other stuff. Although these bags are biodegradable and even if they are considered to be more eco-friendly kind of paper-made bag, their only drawback is they cannot be recycled. They're so much better than plastic bags and other cheap paper bags. Many people are now making their own wax paper-made bags. Creating these types of bags will allow you to customize the size to meet your needs. You can just cut and assemble them using common household items. If you are interested in making your own wax paper bag, below are the steps that you should follow.

What you need to do first is to pull apart a single paper bag and use this as your pattern for the new wax Paper Bags. You need to do this very carefully because just one mistake will affect the appearance of the new bag. You'll need a razor blade in order to separate the adhesive, that is, if it doesn't pull apart easily.

What you need to do next is to cover a hard and stable surface using a towel and center the flattened pattern bag on the towel.

Then, tear off one or two pieces of wax paper. Make sure they are long enough so they will completely cover the pattern bag. Covering them with more than two pieces of wax paper will make it difficult to see the pattern bag once you cut it.

Then hold the wax paper firmly to the pattern bag with one hand as your other hand is cutting around the pattern using the razor blade. As soon as you are done, lift the cutout wax paper and then use small pieces of double sided tape in assembling the base as well as the side seams.

Then you are done! If you find the wax Paper Bags boring, you may decide to add folds if you want to imitate a commercial look and if you want to make it look more attractive. 

These are everything that you need to do if you are tired of using boring brown paper bag when buying groceries or if you find your personalized paper bags too colorful that the colors do not match the color of your clothes. Wax Paper Bags are a great idea even though they cannot be used again when they're broken unlike recycled paper bags.

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