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About FBK Products

Based out of South Florida, FBK Products manufactures and sells Septic Remedy, Enza Power, Septic Brite, and Freshn’ Pro, as well as provides customers with industry-leading appliance insurance and septic system warranties.


All FBK Products are designed to be eco-friendly and introduce no harmful chemicals into septic systems. Septic Remedy, Enza Power, Freshn’ Pro, and Septic Brite are all based on biological formulas that target solid waste, stains, and odor-producing molecules like fatty acids. Though the company specializes in septic tank treatments, FBK Products’ line also includes solutions for outside the tank; for example, FBK Products’ FreshTech refrigerator fresheners control moisture levels and reduce odors, drastically increasing the shelf life of cut flowers and foods.


The FBK Products team has more than 50 years’ combined direct marketing experience. As a result, FBK Products offers helpful customer service and comprehensive customer education on the proper maintenance of septic systems.


A wealth of information is available on the FBK Products website, www.fbkproducts.com.




FBK Holdings: Telecom Strategic Solutions



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