Fabian Samuel

Fabian Samuel

Fabian Samuel: Co-Founder of LXG

League of Extraordinary Gamers - LXG

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A longtime executive with considerable experience in India, Fabian Samuel currently serves as a co-founder of League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) in Bangalore, India. In this capacity, he delivers financial support to the PC and console gaming center, which presently stands as one of the largest in India. In addition to recruiting and mentoring a wide variety of employees at the company, Fabian Samuel develops organizational strategy and structures the LXG business plan. 

Aside from his work with LXG, Mr. Samuel has spent the better part of a decade as the chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited in Bangalore. As an organizational leader with the manufacturer and exporter of bulk dietary ingredients, Mr. Samuel oversees all operations and represents the company in a number of key local and global markets. He also maximizes returns for shareholders, purchases raw materials, and conducts audits of vendors. 

Fabian Samuel holds a master of science in information sciences from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor of engineering in computer science from PSG College of Technology.


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