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How to Start Trading in Binary Options with EZTrader

EZTrader wants you to be a successful trader in binary options and we do everything we can to ensure your success. We have one of the most technologically advanced binary options trading platforms online today and offer one of the largest selections of assets to choose from. Equally important, EZTrader is regulated by CySec meaning your funds are secure and safeguarded. 

Knowledge is power

Trading binary options is something anyone can do as long as they have the right tools and information – knowledge is power when it comes to trading. Our comprehensive education center provides you with all of the information you need – whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader, to expand your knowledge and sharpen your trading skills. For up-to-date information, our Binary Options Trading Magazine and Daily Market Reviews are invaluable. They enable our clients to monitor the stock market to recognize its trends.

Opening an account

Registering an account with EZTrader is fast, simple and free. There are no membership fees. Only when you are ready to begin trading are you required to deposit money into your account. Your first trade will only be made when you feel ready and confident to do so. 

To open an account, you will be prompted to enter standard details such as your name, address, phone number and the currency you will be trading in. Things like credit card information are not needed at this stage and will only be requested once you are ready to start trading. Safeguarding our clients' personal and financial information is one of our top priorities. We employ advanced technology and special procedures to ensure our clients' privacy.

Your first trade

The EZTrader platform is one of best in the industry in terms of ease of use and technology. 
The trading area contains an extensive list of available assets to trade in. The list includes indices, stocks, currency pairs and commodities. After you have chosen the assets you wish to trade in, you select an expiry time, enter the amount you would like to trade and decide whether you think the asset will increase or decrease in value within that time period. You choose “Call” if you think the asset will go up in value or “Put” if you think the asset will fall. 
Once your amount is selected, you’ll click “Trade.” All of the trades you’ve executed can be monitored using the sidebar, “My Open Trades.” A successful trade can make you a profit of up to 95% depending on the asset. 

Customer support

The EZTrader staff is at your service during trading hours. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. Our financial advisers and customer support personnel are here to assist.


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