Ewelina Kejt

Ewelina Kejt


About Me

My title is Lucia . I am actually from Krakow , Poland. I was actually born in March, I am 19 years of ages, as well as I am a pupil. I have acquired red tresses as well as environment-friendly eyes. I am incredibly muffin (o carbon monoxide chodzi? bun to bułeczka ...), enjoying, merry/happy. But I am not nosy and also hoggish.
Usually I wear denims, t-shirt and also brown gym shoe. I such as sport gowns. My favorite food items is: fruits, vagetables, poultry, salads, sandwiches and french fries. My leisure activity is/I like playing volley ball and also tennis. In my free time I hear new music and also create on gg ( delegate).
My ( top) close friend title is actually Martyna. I such as to carry out a lot of things when I have a leisure time. I'm putting up out with my friends the moment a full week. Sometimes I select them in order to the cinema or even to the nightclub. When I have a spare time, I often make an effort in order to invest that in a finest possible way. When I am at house, I commonly go over books, see tv or perhaps do crossword puzzles. I additionally like hanging out with my family.


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