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Evan Kagan


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As a licensed title agent, Evan Kagan owns and operates two title companies, Legal Elite Title, Inc., and Mainland Title, Inc. Both title companies operate out of Hollywood, Florida. Also a licensed lawyer, Evan Kagan can utilize his expertise to close complicated transactions and provide legal guidance to his clients. He searches through titles and ensures that no obstacles appear prior to closing liens, judgments, and encumbrances. He also drafts documents pertaining to property closings and handles post-closing paperwork, including the filing of deeds and mortgages.

Along with owning the title companies, Evan Kagan owns KD Smart Chair, which sells the world’s lightest collapsible electric wheelchair. He built a professional networking company called Doctorbook.com that allowed medical professionals to communicate with each other and advertise with the public. In 2013, he opened a restaurant and bar called Sirocco, located in the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. He also serves as president of Premier Realty Team, Inc., which specializes in full-service real estate brokerage and management in South Florida.

Evan Kagan holds licensure to practice law in Florida and Washington, DC, and formerly ran his own firm, Evan S. Kagan, LLC, located in Fort Lauderdale. At his firm, he worked on patent and trademark filings, software-licensing agreements, real estate structured credit financing, and joint venture agreements.


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