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Eugene Todd

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United States

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About Eugene Todd

Eugene Todd, aka Mr. Brooklyn aka Bro (born August 11, 1972) is an American professional poker player. Wall Street stock broker by profession, Eugene Todd left the capital market for the equally hectic - yet more enjoyably so - poker circuit.
Although born in Russia, Eugene Todd calls Brooklyn his true home - and has the Brooklyn accent to prove it. He first began playing poker some twenty years ago in Atlantic City, but did not pursue the tournament path up until recently.
Eugene began playing cash games in Atlantic City about twenty years ago but caught the tournament circuit bug three years ago. In 2005 Todd played his first professional tournament - No Limit Hold'em at the third season of the World Poker Tournament in Los Angeles. Although coming in 16th and netting a relatively modest $36,185, Eugene Todd had gotten the tournament bug right into his system. Soon afterwards he won a a $1,000 satellite, which gained him an entry entry to the Mirage Poker Showdown.After four days of brutal playing he came in fifth - and $137,000 richer. He has shown a great affinity to the WPT, and featured prominently on its fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. Todd does not ignore the WSOP either - he has played it (albeit to minor success - for now) from 2005 onwards. His latest WSOP achievement is also his most prominent - he won $59,054 and came in fifth at the Pot Limit Omaha tournament in the 2008 event.
Eugene Todd has enjoyed a rather unappealing and unjustified reputation as final table poison. While he may haven't won any WSOP main event yet, he has 12 WSOP money finishes under his belt - as well as his remarkable WPT record.
Eugene Todd frequently attributes his poker skills to his long career as a stock broker on Wall Street. The stock exchange is where he learned to be aggressive, he says, but was also the place where he learned the value of patience. Like fellow professionals and financiers Dan Harrington, Michael Dannenmann and Magnus Petersson, Todd also believes timing is the utmost quality a poker player can possess.
Eugene Todd is as famous for his vivid personality as he is for his poker prowess. His perky behavior and natural good humor have won him many fans and friends in the poker scene, may of whom affectionately refer to him as EgueneToddBro. He is a gangsta rap buff - quite surprising for a devoted family man and former financier - and is often seen at poker tables clad in somewhat toned-down gangsta garments. Apparently, a lively persona will get you remembered just as much as poker skills would - and Eugene Todd puts the same effort into maintaining both.

Eugene Todd - Landmark Victories:

2008 39th WSOP
Pot Limit Omaha
06/10/2008 $59,054

2007 Bellagio Cup III
No Limit Hold'em
06/26/2007 $88,155

2006 Bellagio No Limit Hold'em Tournament
06/03/2006 $6,985

2005 WPT Event Season 4 - Mirage Poker Showdown
Main Event - No Limit Hold'em
05/26/2005 $137,223

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