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What sports make up a Triathlon

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Triathlons really are an example of one of the greatest sporting challenges a person can take on.  They are made up of three diverse disciplines and demand superior levels of conditioning in addition to large amounts of stamina.  In standard triathlons the three different disciplines or stages are comprised of swimming, cycling, and running.  While this is the most popular arrangement of a competition it is not abnormal to come across variants on this including water-skiing, stand up paddling or other comparable but varied stages.  There is no rest in between stages and having the ability to changeover from one stage to the next quickly and competently is an necessary skill.  This is because of the inescapable fact that all of these changes is timed and incorporated in your overall time and the champion is the person who completes the race in the smallest amount of time.

Different Triathlon Classifications
Despite the fact that there is no set distance for triathlons there are four main types that you are most likely to encounter if you spend almost any time near the sport.   They are identified as the Sprint distance, the Intermediate or Standard or Olympic distance, the Long Course and the Ultra Distance which is also referred to as the Ironman triathlon.  Each of these four types increases in distance and difficulty ranging from the relatively brief Sprint triathlon contest that comprises of a 750 meter swim, a 20 km bike stage which is then capped off with a 5 km run.  The Ironman or Ultra Distance includes of a 3.8 km swim, then a 180 km bike ride which is then followed instantly by 21.1 km run.  The alternative two variations sit somewhere in between nevertheless you may find races that don’t fit into these four models.

Making a Smooth Transition
Linking stages the competitors are timed as they move from one stage to the subsequent one.  These types of transition locations are numbered T1 which is situated between the swimming and the cycling stages and T2 which is found between the cycling and running levels.  At these cross over stages you will find all of the related equipment you need for the next phase regardless of whether that is a triathlon wetsuit, running outfit or your triathlon bicycle.  Being able to do a swift transition can certainly really make or break your general performance so it is definitely a smart decision to practice before hand and be certain you are accustomed to your triathlon gear and know the best ways to remove your triathlon wetsuits or your cycling equipment and slip on your running shoes.

How to Train for a Triathlon
To be a premier triathlete you need to be adept in all of the three (or additional) stages that make up the triathlon you will be joining.  Some folks prefer to prepare for a set amount of days or weeks in one sport then start on the following whilst other individuals fancy to shake it up more and change from swimming, running and cycling on a day-to-day schedule.  Needless to say that substantial amounts of physical fitness are required for any one contemplating registering for a triathlon.

Triathlons: The Early Years
It is unclear when the earliest triathlon or three staged sporting event took place.  Some individuals reckon the date as around the year 1920 using an event that occurred in France and had three phases.  Others will refer to an event held in 1902 which consisted of three stages that are similar to the typical contests that you find today apart from a canoeing race instead of the swimming phase.  While the exact beginnings of the triathlon is hotly questioned it is safe to say the sport is in close proximity to 100 years old.  These initial tournaments were not known as triathlons though and it was not until 1974 that the term was first applied.  This meeting in 1974 closely resembled the contests of these days as it comprised of three stages which were swimming, running and cycling taking place took place in San Diego, California.

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