Eric Lent

Vice President
The Hershey Company, Pennsylvania

United States
United States

About Eric Lent

Eric Lent is a well-established marketing executive. Currently Vice President of The Hershey Company’s Marketing Excellence and Strategy sector, Eric Lent has worked with myriad prominent multinational corporations, achieving tremendous success.

Even as an undergraduate in college, Eric Lent demonstrated his talents as a team leader. While earning his Bachelor of Science from Towson University in Baltimore, MD, Eric Lent served as a student government senator and president of his fraternity, Kappa Sigma. Eric Lent graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Business Administration, focusing on marketing and management. A committed member of his community, Eric Lent worked as a firefighter and an Emergency Medical Technician before dedicating his career to advancing business operations through leading global strategy and developing innovative products. Since commencing his work as a senior executive, Eric Lent has consistently exceeded his targets and advanced the sales of the operations he has overseen. As Marketing Director, Youth, at Eastman Kodak, Eric Lent forged a crucial alliance with an advertising agency to create compelling campaigns that ranked as the top 3 highest scoring ads in Kodak’s 100-plus year history.

When Eric Lent became Vice President and General Manager of Hershey Canada, he designed and implemented a five-year strategic plan, producing a shift from third to second in confectionary rankings. Eric Lent also restructured the company’s personnel into a more team-based and efficient structure. Eric Lent’s effective leadership earned him countless accolades from his employees, while also increasing sales 15% and the company’s operating income by 40% from the previous year. Eric Lent conceived of and engineered The Hershey Company’s first marketing and general management training program.

As Vice President, Global Traditional Trade, with Hershey from 2008 to 2009, Eric Lent led The Hershey Company in penetrating emerging developing markets around the world, including Mexico, Brazil, India, and China. Now acting as Vice President, Marketing Excellence and Strategy, Eric Lent continues to impart his keen marketing strategies and insights to the company team, while enhancing Hershey’s sales.

In his spare time, Eric Lent enjoys spending time with his family by going on hikes, rock climbing, or canoeing. Eric Lent is an avid reader, with a particular affinity for Henry David Thoreau, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and C.S. Lewis.

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