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Eric Greenfield has always been a big fan of playing sports. He doesn't have a specific favorite one to play but as long as it was fun he would give it a try. At around three or four years old Eric Greenfield learned how to swim, ski and ride a bike all from his father. These where big accomplishments for Eric Greenfield. At an early age Eric Greenfield Eric Greenfield became very aggressive when playing different sports and thought he was invincible. Unfortunately, he found out he wasn't invincible because his knees slowly began to give him trouble. Still thinking that he was invincible Eric Greenfield continued to play all kinds of sports throughout grade school and during the summers. In grade school he was on his schools soccer, basketball, and softball team. Unfortunately, for some reason getting a permit to play baseball in New York City is extremely hard so the schools Eric Greenfield went to played softball instead of baseball. Eric Greenfield enjoyed competing against different schools throughout New York City. His biggest accomplishment was during his senior year of high school where he helped his schools softball team win the championship game where he pitched the entire game. During the summers Eric Greenfield went to an all-boys sports sleep away camp, for many years. There he competed and learned new skills in all different kinds of sports. His biggest accomplishment during camp was he was the runner up in a tennis tournament he competed in. Eric Greenfield finally learned that he wasn't invincible in October of 1999 during gym class. He was playing basketball and he jumped to try to get a rebound and his legs became tangled with someone else’s.  Eric Greenfield fell right down on his right knee and the person he became tangled with landed all of his weight on the back of Eric Greenfield’s right knee. Because of this Eric Greenfield fractured his patella and needed to have surgery on his knee. Eric Greenfield currently has three metal pins in his right knee but that didn't stop him for enjoying to play sports. He is just a little bit more careful know. 


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