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Emmanuel RIMBAUD


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Group SOPSA Plumbing was created in 1979 in Guadeloupe. In 5 zones of the French ultramarine, it supplies the professionals of Plumbing, Bathroom Equipment, Public work and Sanitation, and Irrigation. Markets served by Group SOPSA Plumbing are: Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Martinique, Guiana and La Reunion. Articles sold by Group SOPSA Plumbing are mainly: 1-PLOMBERIE - Equipments, Outllage and Water heater   2-SANITAIRE - Devices, Faucets and Arrangement for bathroom and kitchen   3-PUBLIC WORK - Adduction, Sanitation Purification, Water Collecting and Treatment, and Dry Networks    4-IRRIGATION and Watering.     In Guadeloupe, SOPSAG store welcomes private individuals and Plumbing Companies, and SOPSA-TP addresses the administrations and the big companies of BTP (Building and Civil engeneering works).    In Martinique, the stores PLOCARA, PLOMBERIE-CARAIBE (Caribean Plumbing), and PLOCARA-TP serve the various types of customers. In La Reunion, it is SOPSAR, HELDER and SOPSAR-TP who follow-up the professional and particular clients.   The stores SOPSA in Saint-Martin, and DPS in Guiana, shelter all the product ranges (Plumbing, Bathroom and Kitchen, Public-Work, Irrigation) and take care of all the customers' profiles.


About the company

Group SOPSA Plomberie supplies ultramarine professionals in Plumbing, Bathroom and kitchen Equipment, Public work and Sanitation, and Irrigation. Created in 1979 in Guadeloupe, SOPSA is now present in 4 other regions of french overseas: Saint-Martin, Martinique, Guiana and La Reunion.

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