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Emlyn Mousley

Executive Director
Aus-Asia Global Resources Pty Ltd

NG5 6NE, United Kingdom

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About Emlyn Mousley

Someone who worked diligently for everything he has achieved, Emlyn Mousley drives himself to succeed while also giving back to his community. Currently the Executive Director of Aus-Asia Global Resources, Pty. Ltd., Emlyn Mousley’s long-term life goals include working with and supporting the United Kingdom’s National Healthcare Service and helping veterans and the elderly. While he pursues these goals, Emlyn Mousley also gives back to his local and broader community through his support of a number of nonprofit organizations. 


The BLACKSWAN Foundation is one organization Emlyn Mousley supports with donations. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Olivier Menzel and the Division of Pediatric Surgery healthcare professionals in Geneva, the BLACKSWAN Foundation dedicates itself to studying and researching rare diseases, of which there are already at least 8,000, with more documented each day. With the help of supporters like Emlyn Mousley, this organization collects money to fund research, promotes the development of drugs to treat rate conditions and informs the public about generally unfamiliar diseases. 

Emlyn Mousley also gives to the Cousteau Society. Founded by the famous French Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1973, this organization is made up of 50,000 members. Like Emlyn Mousley, these members share the Emlyn Mousley’s concern for the world’s oceans and bodies of water. The society and its members recognize that as pollution, overfishing, and development become more prevalent, the ecosystems of and around the earth’s water bodies needs both management and stewardship. 

Along with these causes, Emlyn Mousley also gives generously to the organization Self Help Africa. Not only does this organization address Emlyn Mousley’s concern for the quality of life of his fellow man, it also takes a pragmatic approach to feeding people who may face malnutrition or starvation in the face of rising food prices and growing population. Specifically, Self Help Africa seeks to empower rural Africans, those who rely on small-scale agriculture. Through the help of generous supporters like Emlyn Mousley, this organization works to strengthen agricultural systems, improve access to service outputs, diversify farm production, develop off-farm enterprise, and sell surpluses. In this way, the organization helps Africans to become healthier, more self-sufficient, and more sustainable.



Professional Experience:     

Aus-Asia Global Resources Pty Ltd 
Executive Director 
Import/Export, Commodities, Banking, Project Finance 
Canberra, AU 
2007 - Present

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