Eloise Guzman

Eloise Guzman

Founding Attorney

Guzman Law Firm


About Me

Eloise A. Guzman is a compassionate bankruptcy lawyer serving Houston and the surrounding areas. She has more than 30 years of legal experience and has handled countless bankruptcy cases over the years. Ms. Guzman is dedicated to helping her clients find the best possible solution for their financial situations, using her legal insight and skills to help them move towards a debt-free future. She has a vast amount of knowledge on Chapter 7, Chapter 13, credit card debt, and related matters. From protecting your home from foreclosure to safeguarding your car from repossession, she can help you review all your options. Ms. Guzman is proud to offer her legal services in both English and Spanish. Give her a call at (713) 338-9009 to set up a free consultation!

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Areas of Practice
* Bankruptcy
* Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
* Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
* Credit Card Debt
* Medical Bills Debt
* And More…

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About the company

The Houston bankruptcy lawyers Guzman Law Firm can guide you through the bankruptcy process.

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8225 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX 77017
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