Eli Balas

Eli Balas


Professional Poker Player


United States

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About Eli Balas

Eli Balas is an American professional poker player who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. His first appearance at the poker scene was in April, 1992, when he finished 10th in Event #5 of the 23rd Annual World Series of Poker. Then he won $3,975 and that was just the beginning. Later that year, in May, he made his first big hit, finishing 1st in Event #17 of the 23rd Annual World Series of Poker and earning the prize of $122,400.

In December, 1994 Eli Balas participated in the Hall of Fame Poker Classic event and finished 4th, earning $10,500. And at that time his career was only at its rise. One year later, in 1995 the 26th Annual World Series of Poker was yet another event that gave Eli Balas the chance to prove himself. And so he did! He finished 9th in Event#7, 8th in Event#3 and 2nd in Event#1. Those accomplishments earned him a total of $169,425. Maybe he wasn’t an amateur after all!

In May, 1999 Eli Balas finished 1st in Event#13 of the 30th Annual World Series of Poker, 15th in Event#10 and 2nd in Event#4. Playing wisely in that year earned him $325,075. Several years later, in May 2004 he won the 1st place in the 35th Annual World Series of Poker, earning $174,440.

Eli Balas earned a total of 3 bracelets at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and has finished 2nd in five World Series of Poker preliminary events. He was also participating in the World Poker Tour which was played on the television bubble and made two final tables of the Ultimate Poker Challenge.
As of 2008, Eli Balas’ total tournament winnings exceed $1,300,000.

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