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Google Executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was found lifeless within his luxury yacht on Nov 23, 2013. Originally, it looked almost like the fifty-one year-old had perished from a self-administered heroin overdose. Yet, after evaluation police realized this particular middle-aged professional was basically murdered.

Security video clips covering the luxury vessel released a girl who had been soon after known as Alix Tichelman a 26 year old, top end escort, was indeed within the luxury vessel along with Hayes at the moment of his death. Film displays Tichelman comfortably watching Hayes enduring the distress of overdose. After that, instead of assisting or calling for assistance, she gave just one more injection of heroin. She went back-and-forth in the video frame, walking around the dying man a few times and sipping on a glass of red wine before closing the blinds to hide the body and leaving the luxury yacht.

Law enforcement officials had been able to catch Tichelman by creating a sting operation to attract her straight into a session together with an undercover private eye posing as a likely client. Tichelman is undoubtedly currently being contained on a variety of felony accusations through Santa Cruz with bail set in place at $1.5 million.

Authorities claim that they presume the woman is responsible for a comparable passing that developed inside of Georgia within September of 2013. In this instance, her then partner Dean Riopelle who had been fifty-three, was killed of a smack overdose. Law enforcement officials theorized the death to generally be accidental during the time; however, the case has recently been reopened.

In social networks, Tichelman made use of a pseudonym and billed herself as being a definite accompaniment, a model as well as an ambitious writer. She attributed fascination concerning the tv show, Dexter, which is in relation to a serial killer. She also expressed neglect for regulations and ecstatic in "non-judgmental" conversations on the subject of "cold-blooded murder".

Was Forrest Timothy Hayes a Terrible Man?

By virtually all records Mr. Hayes was a reliable human being. He had been an executive through the Google X laboratory, an trial task. Well before coming over to Google, he functioned at Apple. He had been loved and is especially lovingly commemorated by his co-workers who declare he was a incredible man and will be missed.

Several of his co workers did actually see him as a general teacher and also reported him as an motivating leader and an excellent educator. He's furthermore known as having been non selfish, thoughtful, understanding, heroic as well as having honesty.

Mr. Hayes was indeed happily partnered for 17 years and had 5 children. Inside the obituaries, he is described as a family man and also a caring father. Best friends and family recognize him as being cheerful and affectionate and committed to his spouse and children.

It's actually tough to envision just how a man who happens to be so widely recognized for truly being remarkable may become affiliated with a person such as Tichelman or together with heroin. Apparently, Mr. Hayes primarily met Tichelman by using a web based website commonly called Seeking Arrangement that links prosperous men with females for encounters termed "mutually beneficial".

The point of the associations seems to be just for the man to pamper and take care of the lady. The indicated goal of the website is not at all prostitution, but without a doubt it is really simple to generalize this objective. The point that so many people just who were well acquainted Mr. Hayes characterized him as acquiring delight in making other individuals delighted might help clarify why he'd become involved in this kind of agreement.

It really is an unfortunate undeniable fact middle age is a time when men are extremely susceptible to being tempted into ill advised venture. Needless to say, no-one but men and women who really knew Mr. Hayes personally which enable them to really be aware of the concerns of his lifetime. The actual fact that he is well recalled by close friends, family members and additionally coworkers inspite of the factors of his death is truly a superb tribute.


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