Dwane Cates

Dwane Cates

Criminal Attorney (Owner)

Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC


About Me

Dwane Cates is the founding partner of the Phoenix, AZ Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC.  The Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC Phoenix, AZ criminal defense lawyers have many years of combined successful experience handling a wide range of almost every type of criminal defense case.  Practice areas include but are not limited too:  DUI defense, drug crimes, juvenile defense, felonies, murder, domestic violence, weapon crimes, sex crimes, assault and battery, white collar crimes, kidnapping, robbery defense, suspended license, campus crimes, disorderly conduct, and more.  Mr. Cates is dedicated to providing individuals who are not able to defend themselves legally with the best possible legal defense and to protecting the legal rights of his clients who have been charged or accused of a crime in Arizona.  If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in the state of Arizona, contact Mr. Cates at the Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC for a free legal consultation with an experienced and successful Phoenix, AZ defense attorney.   


About the company

Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC is a Phoenix, AZ criminal defense law firm with experienced and successful defense attorneys committed to providing clients with excellent legal defense.  Offering free legal consultations to those who have been accused or charged with a crime in Arizona. 

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