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Dr Steven Bradshaw


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About Me

Dr Steven Bradshaw - About: Dr Steven Bradshaw lives in London and works as a consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Dr Steven Bradshaw's extensive, realworld experience of global healthcare positions him in a unique position to understand both the clinical and commercial aspects of best optimizing health technologies for market access success.

Dr Steven Bradshaw - Work History:

European Director of Market Access Solutions
Founding Director of Emedits Global
Senior Consultant at Evidera
Senior Consultant at United BioSource Corporation
Associate Editor at Nature Publishing Group
Physician at the National Health Service

Dr Steven Bradshaw - Honorary Positions:

Advisory Board Member at Pharma iQ
Mentor at AuthorAID
Guideline Development Group at Royal College of Physicians
Guideline Steering Group Member at Royal College of Physicians

Dr Steven Bradshaw - Education: University of Cambridge, University of Leeds, Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Dr Steven Bradshaw - Interests: Fishing, medicine and science, writing, public speaking.


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Dr Steven Bradshaw is the European Director of Market Access Solutions

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London, UK