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Dr Manfred Alkhas


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About Me

As founder of his own practice, Dr. Manfred Alkhas, a licensed chiropractor, cares for patients living in and around San Jose, California. Through his private office, Good Life Chiropractic, he brings to bear nearly two decades of experience in support of his patients. Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Manfred Alkhas completed his pre-chiropractic course work through San Jose State University in San Jose. Following that, he studied at Palmer Chiropractic-West University, from which he earned his doctor of chiropractic. Continuing his education, he enrolled at the School of Natural Therapeutics and would go on to secure his master of divinity through Western Theological Seminary in Los Gatos, California.

In terms of his nonprofit commitments, Dr. Manfred Alkhas belongs to The Social Wellness Group, an organization that focuses on providing health education to schoolchildren and businesspeople. He also is a speaker for and member of The Wellness Champions.

When not treating his patients, Dr. Alkhas enjoys writing and reading short stories and poems. Moreover, he practices the visual arts by drawing in the Renaissance style.


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