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Dr Firooz Mashhood
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Dr Firooz Mashhood

Medical Professional
Mountain View Hospital

United States

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About Dr Firooz Mashhood


Dr Firooz Mashhood - Professional Summary:     


With more than three decades of experience as a medical professional, Dr. Firooz Mashhood offers Las Vegas patients quality physical medicine and rehabilitation services. A board-certified practitioner, he treats patients experiencing diverse physical issues, including musculoskeletal injuries involving back and neck pain. He also helps individuals who have experienced strokes, spinal-cord injuries, and brain damage. 

Committed to providing the highest level of care, Dr. Mashhood has expertise in guiding patients back to maximum mobility, self care, and overall independence. He also offers pain-management services that include active treatment and education components. Maintaining status as a State of Nevada Designated Impairment Evaluator, Firooz Mashhood, MD, regularly performs independent medical examinations. His goal is to provide accurate and unbiased evaluations of conditions related to workers’-compensation and personal-injury claims. 

Dr. Firooz Mashhood completed his medical training through a three-year residency at the University of California, Irvine, graduating in 1985. Over the decades, he has held a variety of leadership roles at inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout Southern Nevada. 

In his free time, Dr. Firooz Mashhood enjoys a variety of activities including travel, reading, hiking, and sports such as soccer and basketball. A strong believer in the importance of education and an avid follower of current events, he is particularly interested in economics, languages, and theology. Dr. Mashhood supports local homeless food-drive efforts. He and his wife support the Bahai Fund through their Church.



Dr Firooz Mashhood - Professional Experience:    


Medical Professional with more than 30 years' experience



Dr Firooz Mashhood - Education:     


University of California - Irvine



Dr Firooz Mashhood - Interests:    


Hiking, Reading, Sports ( enjoys basketball and soccer) Current Events (follows politics) Languages, Theology, Travel (has explored multiple countries) Economics

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Dr Firooz Mashhood on Tumblr
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Dr Firooz Mashhood - LinkedIn
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Dr Firooz Mashhood | Twitter
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