Dr. Roberta Kalafut

Dr. Roberta Kalafut

SpineAbilene, Texas

United States
United States

About Dr. Roberta Kalafut

For over a decade, Dr. Roberta Kalafut has used her professional medical expertise in her role at SpineAbilene, a Regional Spine Center she cofounded in 1998. Dr. Roberta Kalafut possesses a solid reputation among colleagues and patients alike for her deep knowledge of noninvasive treatment and keen leadership capabilities. Focusing primarily on nonsurgical treatments for spine and musculoskeletal disorders, Dr. Roberta Kalafut is an expert at administering injection therapy, physical therapy, and various other types of medication. Dr. Roberta Kalafut holds board certifications in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Pain Medicine.

Prior to cofounding SpineAbilene, Dr. Roberta Kalafut served in various administrative roles with Abilene Regional Medical Center, including Vice Chief of Staff and Chairman of the Department of Medicine. Dr. Roberta Kalafut also served as Co-Medical Director of the West Texas Rehabilitation Center and Medical Director for the Hendrick Center for Rehabilitation.

An accomplished public speaker, Dr. Roberta Kalafut has spoken at various venues throughout Texas. Dr. Roberta Kalafut currently sits on the Physical Health and Rehabilitation Committee for the Texas Medical Association. Additionally, Dr. Roberta Kalafut serves as Chairman of the Physician’s Health and Rehabilitation Committee of the Taylor-Jones-Haskell County Medical Society. Dr. Roberta Kalafut also maintains memberships in the American Medical Association, the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Pain Society, and the International Society for Injection of the Spine.

Dr. Roberta Kalafut was recently asked to participate in the fourth annual United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) item-writing workshop for members of state medical boards. The two parent organizations of USMLE, the Federation of State Medical Boards and the National Board of Medical Examiners, host the workshop.

Dr. Roberta Kalafut laid the foundation for her professional success as an undergraduate at Youngstown State University. As a Chemistry and Psychology major, Dr. Roberta Kalafut consistently demonstrated the tenacity and talent for leadership that has become a hallmark of her current career. Upon earning her Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Roberta Kalafut began attendance at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, from which she earned her Doctor of Osteopathy. Dr. Roberta Kalafut completed her residency at Sinai Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Abilene, Texas-resident Dr. Roberta Kalafut enjoys scuba diving and spending time with her family and friends. An enthusiastic gardener, Dr. Roberta Kalafut volunteers her time as a Master Gardener with the Texas Master Gardener Association.

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