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Dr. Lewis Teperman
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Dr. Lewis Teperman M.D.

Director of Transplant Surgery
New York University School of Medicine

10001, United States

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About Dr. Lewis Teperman

Dr. Lewis Teperman - Professional Summary:    

As Director of the Mary Lea Johnson Richards Organ Transplantation Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, Dr. Lewis Teperman has created an internationally recognized transplant program that has been instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of patients. In 2005, for example, Dr. Teperman was a guest of honor at the wedding of Shari Kurzrok and Robby Schnall. Earlier that year, Ms. Kurzrok received a liver transplant from Dr. Teperman after being diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, a rare genetic condition in which excess copper builds up in the liver. Because of Dr. Lewis Teperman's skilled care, she was later able to give birth to a healthy child three days shy of the sixth anniversary of her transplant surgery.

Although Dr. Teperman treats patients suffering from many different liver-related conditions, his primary area of interest is liver transplants in hepatitis C patients. His research has focused on the use of Ribavirin for hepatitis C recurrence after a liver transplant, as well as the use of adult living donors when a suitable liver cannot be found in the standard donor pool. Additionally, Dr. Teperman has investigated the application of cellular technology on patient care.

Currently, Dr. Lewis Teperman serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Organ Donor Network and is a member of the Editorial Board of Liver Transplantation. He has also been recognized as an Honorary Police Surgeon of the New York Police Department and an Honorary Medical Officer of the New York Fire Department.

Dr. Teperman graduated from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 1981. He completed surgical residencies at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, followed by a fellowship in transplant surgery at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Lewis Teperman - Professional Experience:   

Jun 1, 1989 - Present         Director of Transplant Surgery        New York University School of Medicine

1. Provides clinical leadership and ensures high quality services for all patients cared for by the Service’s staff, including ongoing quality assurance and performance improvement programs. 2. Provides academic leadership to ensure high quality medical student clerkships, residency and fellowship training programs and clinical research programs. 3. Assists in the development of comprehensive plans for the growth and development of the Service, including strategic plans, operating budgets, capital budgets and business plans. 4. Participates regularly and effectively with the Director of Nursing for the Service and the Chief Transplant Coordinator in the decision making processes and operational actions required for proper resource allocation, organized planning and performance levels necessary to promote the efficient operation of the Service. 5. Develops and implements the clinical service programs such as clinical information technology and patient/family education to support the mission of the Hospitals Center. 6. Provides knowledgeable and effective administrative leadership, in close collaboration with pertinent vice presidents, administrative managers and nursing directors in the operation and documentation of comprehensive departmental quality insurance programs, which conforms to applicable legal standards, including NY State Department of Health, Centers for Medicare and JCAHO requirements. 7. Represents the NYU Transplant Program and Hospital at regional and national organizations and meetings, participating in annual School of Continuing Education sponsored programs and participating in UNOS, NYCLT, the New York Organ Donor Network and other transplant related organizations 8. Performs clinically appropriate delineation of privileges for attending, resident physicians and nurse practitioners within the Service. Provides performance evaluations and competency assessments as required. 9. Monitors the performance of the medical staff for recredentialing utilizing clinical profiles and makes recommendations for such reappointments. 10. Ensures compliance with the NY State DOH 405 regulations with regard to the supervision of housestaff and their working hours. 11. Effectively represents or delegates appropriately the representation of the Service on all major medical and administrative committees including the Executive Committee of the Medical Board. 12. Works consistently, effectively and collegially with the organized medical staff, nursing staff other Chiefs of Service and senior management as part of a team promoting programs of patient care, medical education and clinical research nsibilities



Dr. Lewis Teperman - Education:    


Aug 1, 1978-Jun 1, 1981     Mount Sinai School of Medicine



Jan 1, 1981-Jan 1, 1984      Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

Surgical Residency


Jan 1, 1984-Jan 1, 1986      The Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Surgical Residency


Jan 1, 1986-Jan 1, 1988       University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Transplant Surgery Fellowship


Dr. Lewis Teperman - Interests:    

Dr. Teperman is active in various transplantation societies and is on the board of the American Liver Foundation, the New York Regional Transplant Program, the New York Consortium for Liver Transplantation, Manhattan TRIO, and is a member of the UNOS Liver and Intestine Committee. Towards the goal of forwarding the medical science of transplantation, the program is involved in research with treatment protocols that study the recurrence of hepatitis C, new immunosuppressive agents, thrombocytopenia, organ preservation, and plasma exchange in liver failure and primary non-function of organ grafts to name a few. His program runs an ASTS (American Society of Transplant Surgeons) approved transplant fellowship. The transplant service is actively involved with the rotation of GI Fellows, residents, and medical students. The rotations introduce other medical professionals to transplantation and raise quality of care for patients who may someday be in need of a transplant. National 1999 Member, Liver Subcommittee, United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) 1991 Member, Data Liver Subcommittee, UNOS 1991 Member, By-laws Committee, American Society of Transplant Surgeons 1995 Board of Trustees, American Liver Foundation 1996 At Large member, Liver & Intestinal Committee, UNOS 1998 Member, Membership & Professional Standards Committee, UNOS 1998 Associate Counselor, Region 9, UNOS 1998 Member, Medical Advisory Board, TRIO 1999 Chairman Adhoc, Exceptional Case Regional Review Board Committee,UNOS 2000 Counselor, Region 9, UNOS 2000 Member, Liver Disease Severity Score Committee, UNOS 2001 U.S. Transplant Games Medical Spokesperson 2001-2 Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Subcommittee, UNOS 2001 Member, Board of Directors, UNOS 2004 Member, Program, Publication and Postgraduate Committee, AHPBA 2004 Member, Ad-Hoc Living Donor Committee, UNOS 2004 At-large Representative, Liver Committee, UNOS 2005 At Large member, Liver & Intestinal Committee, UNOS Regional 1992 Chairman, Quality Assurance Committee, New York Center for Liver Transplant (NYCLT) 1992 Advisor, New York State Transplant Council 1993 Member, Liver Subcommittee, New York Regional Transplant Program 1993 Chairman, Professional & Public Education Committee, New York Regional Transplant Program 1993 Member, New York Regional Transplant Medical Board 1994 Member, New York Regional Transplant Board of Trustees 1994 Board of Directors, Latino Organization for Liver Awareness (LOLA) 1994 Member, NY Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) 1996 Chairman, Clinical Policy Committee, NYCLT 1998 Chairman, Medical Board, New York Organ Donor Network (NYODN) 1999 Vice President, NYODN 2000 Panel Member, Pre-operative Protocols and Surgical Team Communications, New York State, Department of Health 2000 President, NYODN 2000-3 Chairman, NYODN 2001-present Member, New York State Transplant Council 2001 Chairman, NYS Peri-operative Living Donor Committee 2003-present Chairman, New York Center for Liver Transplantation, Inc. 2004-present Member, NYS Task Force on the Use of Extended Donors 2004-present Member, Medical Advisory Board, LOLA 2005-present Member, Medical Advisory Board, National Kidney Foundation of Greater New York




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