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Dr. Joseph Mirtaj

Pennridge Dental Associates, LLC

United States

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Dr. Joseph Mirtaj - Professional Summary:     


Joseph Mirtaj, DMD, owns and operates three dental office locations in Sellersville, Fort Washington, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Practicing general dentistry, with a specialty in preventative care, for almost two decades, Dr. Mirtaj takes pride and pleasure providing his patients with the best and most up-to-date dental care possible. Offering health-based dental services, including standard dentistry, implants, braces, and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Joseph Mirtaj and his experienced staff improve patient health and knowledge about caring for teeth and gums.

Located on North Main Street in Sellersville, on Bustleton Avenue in Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania Avenue in Fort Washington, he offers comprehensive dental care at every conveniently located office. Patients know they can rely on the finest possible services when they visit Dr. Mirtaj with his commitment to educating patients and providing gentle dental care.

When patients require dental replacements, Dr. Joseph Mirtaj may recommend crowns or bridges. With a natural appearance, custom-made bridges are removable for cleaning and replace areas of missing teeth. By supporting neighboring teeth and restoring contours, bridges improve bites. Composed of gold alloy, porcelain, or other materials, bridges attach to bone or beneath gum tissue and bond to implants or teeth adjacent to spaces between existing teeth. 

A dental appliance called a crown, composed of synthetic materials resembling porcelain, sits on top of a decayed or broken tooth to restore the remainder of the tooth and its lost functionality. Dr. Joseph Mirtaj attaches crowns for a number of preventative reasons, including covering implants, preserving a cracked tooth, or improving the appearance of discolored teeth. As he teaches patients how to care for crowns, Dr. Mirtaj helps maintain a top-quality crown for eight years or more. He emphasizes the importance of flossing, abstaining from brittle foods, and avoiding teeth clenching and grinding. 


Dr. Joseph Mirtaj - Professional Experience:     



Pennridge Dental Associates, LLC

Sellersville, PA, US


Dr. Joseph Mirtaj - Education:   


DMD - Dentistry
Temple University

Philadelphia, PA, US

Aug 1, 1990 - May 1, 1994


Dr. Joseph Mirtaj - Interests: 


Multiple Sclerosis Society, Dentistry


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