Douglas Freel Calgary

Douglas Freel Calgary

Oilfield Services, Investment Professional in Calgary

ARC Financial Corp


About Me

An executive in private equity capital distribution, Douglas Freel of Calgary, Alberta, has directed oilfield services investments since 1998. He serves as senior vice president and director of ARC Financial Corp., where he facilitates new investments in oilfield services. An active representative of Calgary's ARC Financial to many of its portfolio companies, Douglas Freel serves as a board member with Lifting Solutions Energy Services, Tesla Exploration Ltd., and other oilfield service companies.

Douglas Freel entered the oilfield services industry as a field engineer with Schlumberger Ltd., where he built experience with both open-hole and cased-hole projects. Later an engineer-in-charge with the same organization, he extended his expertise into offshore fields. Also a former oilfield services research analyst, he now comes to projects with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of oilfield operations and management. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Mr. Freel serves his community as chair of the Impact Society, a nonprofit organization that helps young people to discover and use their strengths to bring about positive change.


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