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Doug Dohring

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Over the course of his career, entrepreneur Doug Dohring has built successful companies in a range of industries, from market research, to consumer internet services, to online education. In 1986, he founded The Dohring Company, which provided market research and consumer survey services to clients in the automotive, retail, entertainment and health-care sectors. The Dohring Company was named one of Advertising Age’s top-100 market research firms in the nation and was listed by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of Los Angeles’ fastest-growing private companies in 1995.

In February of 2000, Doug Dohring formed NeoPets, Inc., and, seeing early promise, he soon transitioned his management team from The Dohring Company to the new firm. rapidly became one of the fastest-growing and most popular youth-oriented entertainment websites of the early 2000s, registering over 140 million accounts over five years in its virtual pet-themed interactive social community. Remarkably, NeoPets, Inc., achieved and maintained profitability from its first year of operation. During this period of explosive growth, Doug Dohring and his team scaled up to a distributed server and network infrastructure capable of supporting the website’s ballooning user base, which was generating billions of page views per month – more page views and time spent per user than virtually any other site on the internet. became known as the “stickiest” website in the world and was the subject of a Harvard Business School case study led by Professor Thomas R. Eisenman. In 2005, Doug Dohring sold NeoPets for $160 million to the MTV Networks Group at Viacom, Inc.

Using his knowledge and experience in growing the youth entertainment website as a safe haven for kids on the web, Doug Dohring decided to create an online educational resource for families and teachers that had the appeal and engagement of NeoPets, but where every activity was educational, and he founded Age of Learning, Inc., in 2007 with this goal in mind.

Today, Age of Learning is a leading education technology company that teaches basic reading, science, math, music, art, and other core subjects to children ages two through seven through its acclaimed Early Learning Academy website and apps. Since its 2010 initial launch, has received many awards, including the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review, the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and the Teachers’ Choice Award from Learning Magazine.


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Age of Learning created the award-winning early childhood education website Used in over 65,000 classrooms and by millions of children all around the U.S.

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