Donna Nassa

Donna Nassa

Guidance Counselor - Department

Warkwick Public Schools                     


About Me

A resident of Narragansett, Rhode Island, Donna Nassa spent 31 years working within the Warwick Public School system. At Warwick, she initially held teaching roles in business education and special education. She advanced to elementary grade counselor and eventually to department chair and guidance counselor for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Achievements during her tenure included development of an Individual Learning Plan for the high school, which gained acceptance citywide and was implemented at other schools in the region. A member of the Rhode Island School Counselor Association, Donna Nassa led the guidance department at Warwick Veterans Memorial High School through technological upgrades. She ensured training and staff development, as well as the creation of a master schedule.

Donna Nassa commands an extensive educational background. She earned three master’s degrees from Providence College; special education, guidance and counseling, and business and marketing. Additionally, Donna Nassa has extensive experience in the teaching and practice of the Bikram Method of Hatha Yoga. She serves as co-director of Yoga Concepts in Cranston. 


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