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Car detailing Melbourne guide to polishing headlight lenses on BMW and Mercedes vehicles
If you own a car as flashy as a Mercedes Benz or a BMW, you’d certainly want to make sure it looks good all the time. People who own BMW’s and Benz’s spend a lot of money on maintenance alone. Keeping a car like a BWM or Benz in top shape will greatly benefit you especially if you have plans to sell it off in the future. A well-maintained and good looking car, despite being second hand, will be able to fetch a good price on the market. This is why, rather than simply washing your car BMW or Benz with soap and water; opt for a full professional car detailing service instead.
People put a lot of focus on a car’s exterior and interior when they’re performing auto detailing. They often forget or neglect the car’s headlights because they think it will eventually get washed along with the rest of the car’s exterior. However, headlight lenses are usually vulnerable to debris and UV degradation just like the car’s body paint. Therefore, you also need to take care of it if you want your luxury car to look good. There are different ways to clean up the headlight lenses of luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes Benz’s besides cleaning with just soap and water. This article will present you with helpful tips and tricks provided by Car Detailing Melbourne—the leading auto detailing company in the country.  
A Mercedes Benz headlight is normally made of polycarbonate plastic or Perspex to make them impact-resistant. Perspex is a plastic material that is known to be stronger than glass and is normally used as headlights for cars. Although Perspex or polycarbonate plastic is functional and durable, it tends to cloud with prolonged use and also to constant exposure to UV rays. When the lens gets blurred or clouded, it will limit or reduce the amount of light that passes through the lens resulting to reduced visibility. However, this problem can be remedied using basic maintenance and detailing techniques by professional car detailing experts. With the right techniques and car detailing supplies and equipment, you’ll be able to bring back the old, blurred headlights back to its old self in no time.
One of the problems that people who own a Mercedes Benz would normally encounter is a yellowed, cloudy, dirty and dim set of headlights. Yellowed headlights can gradually dim a C230 or SL60s lights. You will not be able to notice this right away, however, if you have a limited field of vision, then a dimmed headlight can pose a lot of danger not only for you but for the passengers in your car and other motorists on the road.
The best and easiest way to repair or fix a yellowed or cloudy Mercedes Benz headlight is to make use of a special lens polishing or rubbing compound. The methods used for cleaning the headlights are enumerated below:
•    First rub the headlight lens using a wet, fine-grain (approximately 1000 grit) sandpaper. For headlights with major damages, you will need coarser-grained sandpaper. A 5000 grit sandpaper will do.
•    Next polish the lens using a course red polishing compound after which a fine white compound is used to polish it next. Once the polishing process is done, cleanse the lens using Armor All or Simple Green.  
Although polishing the lens is usually an effective method, there are lenses that are beyond repair and must be replaced. For Mercedes Benz headlights that have accumulated a lot of water, you need to remove the water first before you proceed with repairing the leak.
Anyone who owns a BMW, especially a BMW Z3, knows very well that its headlight lens is prone to oxidation, yellowing and scratching over time. Fortunately, car detailing can easily remedy this. If you want the best results, you need to clean and polish the headlights of your BMW using only the best products. This will help make the headlight lens look brand new.
Below are step by step instructions on how to clean a BMWs headlight lens.
•    Apply a small drop (about the size of a quarter) of professional headlight lens cleaner on a small buffer pad. Make sure you use a small buffing pad that you can easily attach to a standard drill. A standard car buffer is not advisable since it is too large for a headlight. You can use any brand of headlight cleaner you want.
•    Switch the drill on and place the buffer pad onto the headlight lens. Work the headlight cleanser thoroughly on the lens. Make sure not to miss out on any spot. Spend around 1-2 minutes buffing on each lens.
•    Wipe off all residues on the headlight lens using a clean microfiber towel. The result should be a clear and scratch-free lens.
The car detailing tips and suggestions provided above by Car Detailing Melbourne will make it easier for you to clean your car’s headlight lens the best way possible, it would be a good idea to seek help from the professionals if you have no first-hand experience on this matter. Headlight problems for all cars, especially for BMWs and Mercedes Benz’s, are often caused by electrical faults and assistance from a reliable car detailing company will be much appreciated.
One of the best auto detailing companies you can check out in case you encounter problems with your car’s headlight is Car Detailing Melbourne. This auto detailing company has had years of experience with detailing cars so they’re familiar with what needs to be done with yellowed, cloudy or damaged headlights and headlight lens. You’ll be able to have your car’s headlight fixed in an efficient and professional manner.
Car Detailing Melbourne promises to deliver only the best services to their clients. Whether it be a standard detailing service or mobile car detailing, you’ll be 100% sure that they’ll get the job done the right way. They also offer the most competitive rates in Melbourne, so why not check them out today?

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