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Current Chief Executive Officer of global contract furniture manufacturer KI, Dick Resch began his prolific career in the business and manufacturing industry after completing an extensive course of post-secondary education. After receiving his Associate of Arts degree from Graceland College, Dick Resch earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1961. Continuing his graduate education, he attended Harvard’s Graduate School to earn his Master of Business Administration in 1963.

Upon completing his graduate studies, Dick Resch initiated his vocation in business management with the Hudson Pulp & Paper Corporation as Department Analyst for the Vice President of Administration. While working closely with senior executives of the company, Mr. Resch employed his training to excel among business leaders, ultimately earning two promotions within the first 18 months of employment.

Gaining valuable experience from his time with the Hudson Pulp & Paper Corporation, Dick Resch was afforded the position as Assistant to the Executive Vice President of the growing furniture manufacturer KI. Serving in this capacity for three years, Mr. Resch accumulated a wealth of industry and company-specific knowledge with his contributions as a production floor technician. By volunteering to address difficult assignments, he earned a genuine reputation for problem solving and, by 1967, he was promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing.

Guiding KI’s business strategies and overseeing its internal operations for over 35 years, Dick Resch helped transform the undistinguished furniture manufacturing company into a globally recognized, billion-dollar corporation. After attaining the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award for KI in 1995, Mr. Resch was later named CEO of the company. Soon after, he was selected as Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of Wisconsin. Under his leadership, KI was recognized with the Prevention, Environment and Prosperity Award and the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Excellence for the manufacturer’s hazardous material reduction.


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