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Diane Jacoutot


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About Me

Edvectus is an agency that is expert to place teachers in international schools around the world. We have lots of teaching jobs available on our website. We serve in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, China, Kuwait, Singapore and more countries around the world. Visit our website to find best teaching job that match with your skills and personality.

Our Services:

Teaching jobs in International Schools Africa
American Schools Teaching Jobs Middle East
British Schools Teaching Jobs Far East
Teaching Jobs Abroad Eastern Asia
Overseas Teaching Jobs Southwest Asia
Teach Primary and Elementry Subjects Foreign

Visit Our Website for More Information : http://www.edvectus.com/

Email : teacher@edvectus.com 
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203 701 1676

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About the company

The Edvectus Learning Portal is a collection of hundreds of resources that have been created or selected to assist teachers to prepare for teaching careers abroad.

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0203 7011676


27 Parsons Green Lane, London, UK SW6 4HH
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