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deshi marketing
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deshi marketing

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Deshi Retailers Company Pvt. Ltd.

822101, India

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About deshi marketing


Deshi is a multilevel marketing or network marketing company founded in 26 feb 2006 . Deshi conducts business through a number of affiliated deshi distributor center ddc .This company has been set up to sell local deshi products produced by number of small scale industries to eradicate poverty and to give emplyoment to more and more people of india.Its main aim is to market the local goods through networking called network marketing.You can also earn money through deshi Bima byavshay

Deshi is not only a marketing company but it’s a sole of the country as the name suggests it appears our own belonging to our land and therefore it has some strength . Friends ,the company has a dream a purpose a mission and i.e. to make the villagers self dependent not only this, the company wants to encourage their talent because we all know India is the land of villages, the real strength of India is in the village but due to lack of facilities, or platform, the talents are crushed.The company provides such platform to bring the talent of the village or town to build a strong nation.
We too belong to the village and frankly we can say that villagers have some dream but due to hesitation or adverse circumstances they usually hesitate to express their dreams, that is why we have tried to provide a platform, which is easy, cheap and suitable way to fulfill the dreams.
The company creates an opportunity to provide the employment to people in small-scale industries to eradicate the unemployment for villagers.

The company creates an opportunity to provide the employment to people in towns through deshi networking called network marketing; people have to make new customers and get commission on each member they join. They get money up to 10th generation when the customers joined by him buy deshi product and also get royalty through out life .
The company has also entered in Insurance sector (Deshi Bima Byavshay).Here you can hope to get insurace as well as regular monthly income for more details click here.

We feel glad to announce that people have accepted it heartily.

The company provides an opportunity of different types of training under the banner of udyog shadhna . Thus they become skilled to produce different deshi articles . The company also helps in marketing of the produced articles.
The following are different sector of training.
- Agricultural based training
- Computer training (gurukul computer dot com)
- Training related to small scale industries (for ladies –Under the banner of Ghar Angan ) Today we have more than 2500 happy deshi members and we need your cooperation .

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