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Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong

Dennis Wongeg: Sales Executive
Dennis Wong

YOR Health, 2802 Kelvin Ave, Suite 150, Irvine, 92614,
United States

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About Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong is the founder of YOR Health, an Irvine, California-based company that provides nutritional products to a global clientele. While many people believe that Dennis Wong has led a charmed life, the successful businessman claims that divine intervention, hard work, and luck got him where he is today.

Growing up, Dennis Wong lived in government-run projects in an overpopulated area of Hong Kong. His family was very poor and shared a room with others. According to Dennis Wong, his mother was his best friend; his father was seldom around. The family struggled just to make ends meet.


In 1968, Dennis Wong boarded an airplane with his family en route to California. An uncle had convinced Wong’s mother that America would offer the family a better chance at life. Dennis Wong remembers that the family was allowed to move into a predominantly white neighborhood despite the widespread segregation so common in the 1960s. Still, life in the United States was difficult for young Dennis Wong and his family could not afford simple luxuries, such as snack time at school.


Dennis Wong grew up and got involved with the wrong crowd. At 22, Dennis Wong was in a bad place and enrolled in college, eventually majoring in electrical engineering. Though he had acclimated to Western society, Dennis Wong explains that he had a great deal of trouble at school because of a little-known disorder, now commonly referred to as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


By the mid-1980s, Dennis Wong had pulled himself out of the rut and was excited to enter the workforce. However, electrical engineering jobs were fading fast due to the successful defense of nuclear Star Wars program initiated by the Reagan Administration. Dennis Wong blamed God and everyone else for his troubles. Things would soon change, however, as Dennis Wong and his younger sister blindly entered the real estate market together.


Dennis Wong soon experienced what he refers to as divine intervention. A handful of wealthy businessmen took a liking to the two siblings and guided them through the often difficult-to-understand real estate market. Things were definitely looking up and in a few short years Dennis Wong joined the ranks of self-made millionaires – before his 30th birthday.


However, Dennis Wong soon became disenchanted with the real estate market and shortly moved into direct marketing. In 2000, Dennis Wong and his sister opened their own company selling Internet technology services such as web hosting, e-mail, dial up service, and voice-over Internet. After seven years concentrating primarily on voice-over IP products and services, Dennis Wong made the decision to shift gears in a completely different direction. Soon the real-estate-entrepreneur found motivation in his now-failing health and the people that depended on his company for employment.


Through strenuous research and hard work, Dennis Wong and his sister made an acquaintance out of the premier product development manufacturer that was at one time the cofounder of the largest direct sells nutritional company in the world. Dennis Wong and the developer struck an agreement which, he claims, was a match made in heaven.


Success was instant and thus was born YOR Health. Dennis Wong credits the immediate achievements of YOR Health to a global need for a superior nutritional company. He says he feels blessed to have found financial independence and health and well-being through a company that he is proud to share with anyone who is interested in changing their life for the better.



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About Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong Seeks Participants for YOR Health 8-Week Challenge


Dennis Wong Says participants are eligible to win free products, prizes and vacations


IRVINE, California – July 25, 2013 – Dennis Wong seeks entrants for the next round of the YOR Health Best Body Challenge in the women’s and men’s sculpt, as well as the women’s and men’s slim categories. As Dennis Wong explains, participants compete to win prizes given each month, building muscle and becoming healthy in the process.


Founded by Dennis Wong, the 8-week challenge is a great way for participants to try out YOR Health’s products. Whether a person chooses the slim or the sculpt category, Dennis Wong makes sure YOR Health gives participants the support they need to meet their fitness goals. According to Dennis Wong, prizes go to the 8-week challenge participant who submits before and after photos, a written testimonial and community votes, depending on whether that person’s goal is to slim down (slim category) or increase muscle tone (sculpt category).


On the first and 15th of each month, Dennis Wong and YOR Health accepts enrollees in its latest 8-week challenge. Participants must first become customers of YOR Health and agree to use the company’s products in their weight loss regime. Simply completing an 8-week challenge can earn entrants a chance to win prizes, Dennis Wong points out, and free YOR Health products.


While the winners in each 8-week challenge are awarded prizes, Dennis Wong stresses that the most important prize is given at the YOR Health annual conference each year. Everyone can enter the YOR Best Body Championship for a chance to compete to win the overall championship title, Dennis Wong tells us. As Dennis Wong describes, the winner of the YOR Health Best Body Championship will receive a trip for two to a great destination, disclosed after the prize has been awarded.


Prior to beginning the challenge, Dennis Wong asks participants to submit both before and after pictures in a variety of poses and a written statement attesting to their current weight. To enter the YOR Health 8-Week Best Body Challenge, Dennis Wong states applicants should visit www.yorbestbody.com and click on “Enter Now.” After completing the first 8-week challenge, Dennis Wong states that an enrollee progresses on to the next challenge, with each new 8-week series unlocking the opportunity to purchase the Achiever T-shirts.  Judging is based on before and after photos, a written testimonial on the how weight loss has impacted a participant’s life, and community-wide voting, Dennis Wong states.


According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health specializes in premium healthy products designed for personal weight loss and overall health. With its Nutrition Delivery System, Dennis Wong explains that YOR Health goes beyond simply giving customers the nutrients they need each day. YOR Health creates a system that helps optimize the body’s effectiveness, Dennis Wong adds.


YOR Health’s products include probiotics, meal replacement drinks, and vitamins—each specifically formulated to help with fitness and weight loss, according to Dennis Wong. As Dennis Wong tells members, YOR Health only stocks the best-tasting products to help make the fitness experience as pleasurable as possible for members. With satisfied customers around the country, Dennis Wong and YOR Health are committed to maintaining high quality standards for members.


Contact YOR Health:
2802 Kelvin Avenue

Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92614


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