Dennis Krousos

Dennis Krousos

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A certified public accountant, Dennis Krousos has consulted businesses for more than 28 years. He has worked with organizations with assets of more than $100 million to build growth strategies and create tactics to help them achieve their financial goals. In addition to working as a CPA, Dennis Krousos makes investments in numerous business ventures, existing and new. Within a year and a half, he successfully eliminated debt for one company and turned it into a profitable organization that continued to grow the following year. He is currently a business consultant at Ace Advisory CPAs in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Dedicated to helping and improving his community, Dennis Krousos has volunteered for his local Boys and Girls Club as a mentor and as a speaker for its Money Matters programs, which promotes financial literacy and responsibility among teenagers. He has also worked with Habitat for Humanity and is heavily involved in the Greek Orthodox Church.


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