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David Jamieson

David Jamieson M.B.A

Personal Performance Coach
David G Jamieson

CH2 3QR, United Kingdom

Contact David Jamieson Directly

Contact Directly

About David Jamieson

Life CV:

Training and development, sales and management, financial services, business consultancy, quality management systems (ISO), coaching & development, new business start-up, voluntary work with the Job Centre Plus and career advisor to school leavers 


Relevant Professional Experience:    

Qualified Personal Performance Coach, Executive Business Coach, and in Accelerated Learning Techniques



  • Coaching for Performance
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Wealth Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Training & Development


Education EducationEducation:


I am increasingly concerned that children in the UK lack knowledge in their basic education, in Maths and English, and I understand schoolteachers may have to sacrifice quality for quantity to meet various government targets...



I worked with an organisation which provided a programme to help children - I left for different reasons which I won't go into - but what I did feel was that poor results may simply be due to poor self-esteem and confidence; so improve these and you'll do wonders for your child's academic performance




Interested?  Please contact me for more information





Certificate in Financial Planning

Professional Diploma & Certificate in Management

Diploma in Coaching



Also Enhanced CRB & Police Checked for your peace of mind...



Many and varied personal interests, common theme is learn and developing my interests and skills, and include golf in which my handicap is actually the ball, sigh...but I'm improving through self-coaching...


Having fun, in business and in life-if it doesn't improve your life or make you smile, why do it?


Volunteer Experience

Chartered Management Institute - Branch Chair

The Bren Project Charity - Trustee

Young Enterprise North West - Associate

Job Centre + Career coaching


Life Ambition:

'Making a difference...' 


Please contact:

Please click on link below for full details especially contact information...

David Jamieson Links

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making change, self-development, improving self-esteem and self-confidence, become the best you can be...achieve your potential
Life Coaching & Life Planning
Changing lives...planning for your future
Business & Executive Coaching
Management training & development, business strategy, set and achieve goals and objectives

About David G Jamieson

Quick update; I mentioned my disappointment with our education system and not being a shy retiring person just had to do something about it...so I can add to my CV the position of College Lecturer


This provides the opportunity to address a wider audience, which ranges form schoolchildren in developing an appreciation for business and entrepreneurship and developing new and experienced managers.


There's also been a change in email/website contact so if I haven't got back to any queries, please accept my apologies.


The website is a work in progress and will be updated in due course; however working with clients takes priority...


Summary of ideal clients; people who feel they would benefit from support to deal with challenges, and also maximise opportunities and realise potential, because we all need a little help at times...


Thanks for reading


Contact Information
Email David Jamieson
David Jamieson - phone number 01244 368 748
David Jamieson - mobile number 0775 480 3874
David Jamieson - skype name ezcoach777
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