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David Eckess

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David Eckess is an Independent Business Advisor


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David Eckess previous experiences were a Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager for nearly 30 years. Eckess was a Vice President and Financial Advisor at Delta Trust Investments, Inc. and Associate President and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. 
David Eckess started his career as a traditional Stockbroker.  As the Financial Services industry changed in the years since 1987 David's business model transitioned also. David Eckess welcomed the industry changes as he redefined his practice from being a Stock and Bond broker to being a Comprehensive Wealth Manager.  Using consultative techniques, David Eckess worked with executives, business owners and families to develop and implement comprehensive wealth management programs tailored to their respective needs. David never hesitated to engage with outside professionals for the benefit of his clients.   Eckess developed and provided a concierge type customer service platform.   David's experience and multi-faceted skill set him apart from others and is a key element in his success.
David Eckess believes that obtaining and maintaining expert knowledge in ones field is only a prerequisite for the job. David Eckess believes in order to maintain an edge it is essential to have clearly defined processes and service models while having enough flexibility to adjust to an ever changing marketplace.   
David Eckess is a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas and completed his BA in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock in 1998. Mr. Eckess is a strong team player and is valued and respected by his peers for his strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.  David Eckess has a keen knack for evaluating situations and solving problems, Eckess excels at helping and influencing his coworkers and promoting efficiency at work while ensuring the client’s interests are protected. 


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